Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend in Dallas

What a weekend we had. Headed to Dallas mainly to see the King Tut Exhibit. Since I was probobly Alyssa's age 10-12 somewhere I have been in love with all things Egyptian and my dream finally came true to get to see the artifacts that were buried for some 4000 years. WOW a day I will always remember. The Dallas museum of art is an incredible place. After seeing the King Tut exhibit we wondered around and looked at artifacts and art pieces. So we go into this gallery and it is European paintings. Beautiful paintings on the wall. Well I noticed this one painting and I realized in was a Monet. I read the description card and it said Monet watercolor and I looked to see if it said print etc and it didn't. Next painting said by Vincent VanGogh OK these have to be imitations. I asked an attendent and she said these are the real things. I asked you mean these are the actual paintings that VanGogh painted and she said yes. I was overwhelmed. Painting by artist I had seen in books etc I thought you had to visit Europe to see. Alyssa was impressed with the picasso paintings as she had been studying picasso in school. Also these paintings were not glassed in . They were just hanging there and if you so desired you could touch them but you would probobly be kicked out of the museum. They also had a cool modern type art exhibit. There was this room with lighting as such that the world was turned into black and white. We were black and white our clothes etc. It was like stepping into a black and white movie. Something I will never forget. Today Sunday we drove back from Dallas and stopped at some goecaches along the way. We got our 300th cache today. It was and enjoyable weekend that I will always remember.

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